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Latest Newsletter - Out NOW !!

Last August and September brought awesome moves of God through GHM in the USA and in The Philippines.
If one allows the Holy Spirit to lead you there will always be divine appointments He has prepared.




In flying from Australia to the USA, a lady had been reassigned to a different seat in the same row
of the aircraft as me. When she saw me, she said she saw the presence of God on me and said to me
I must be a pastor. In the conversations and testimonies of miracle healings that followed, God directed
me to declare healing of her back. She was suffering from scoliosis, three flat and protruding disks,
much stiffness and much pain. As God showed me how to declare healings in each area of her back and neck,
within one hour she was completely healed, back straight, disks in place and normal in size, no more pain,
and no more inflammation. Glory to God and to Jesus our healer!

The Lord brought a divine appointment(man) to me that resulted in a two-hour meeting with the pastor of his church
and an invitation to minister in the same church in Mobile, Alabama. Every person attending the service
came forward to be touched by the Lord in repentance, deliverance, and healing. The ministry line stretched
from the pulpit all the way out to the rear foyer. God’s presence was so strong as His love was poured out to us all.


In The Philippines


Ministry in The Philippines was beyond expectations as we were immediately confronted with demonic activity,
great need among the people, salvations, deliverances, healings and miracles, and even a small rolling earthquake.
Gary Hannie Ministries teamed together with Heart Of The Lion Ministry in Australia to impact the islands of Bohol
and Negros Oriental in The Philippines. The enemy had no recourse but to flee as he was resisted and easily
overcome when the Glory of the Lord moved in. We witnessed the Lord healing ears, eyes, pain of arthritis,
lengthening legs, straightening hips and pelvis, and numerous other conditions that had origins in witchcraft
and superstitions. God delivered from them all.

The ministry in the Word was consistently focused on the Church awakening to the reality of the imminent
return of the Lord Jesus Christ. The King of Kings is returning for His Church, spotless, without wrinkle,
and with washed robes in His righteousness. The crusades brought a number into the Kingdom of God in the islands,
and the Lord was purging those who long for His coming. Many pastors and leaders were present and touched
deeply by the Lord during these days.

After two weeks ministering together, I moved on to Cebu City, Lapu Lapu City, and Baring, located on the
island of Olango. God moved mightily among pastors/leaders and others present. Even though storms
moved in, the mission was accomplished in all the Lord had put on my heart. I was given the privilege of ministering
at the sixth anniversary of the International Gospel Church in Cebu City.

God has opened new doors in Asia. It is important to prepare now and go.

Your participation as God directs you, in this totally by faith ministry, is vital for all we are able to do.
Many of you may be praying and searching for fruitful ministry in which to give and support.
GHM, we believe is one of those. We give thanks to Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, and to you.
Details are on our website contact page.

God bless each of you as you read this. Jesus is coming very soon!

Ps. Gary Hannie


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God’s blessings from Australia,
Ps. Gary